Training week materials

From 3rd to 7th October 2011 two training weeks on establishing woodfuel supply chains were organised by VTT in Jyväskylä (Finland) and BIOENERGY 2020+ Wieselburg (Austria). In total 27 forest owners, wood fuel users and forest managers from France, the UK and Slovenia attended the Austria training and gained inside knowledge in the field of woodfuel harvesting, processing and supply as well as sustainable combustion technologies and successful business models for utilising biomass. Meanwhile, a group of 15 forest owners and forestry professionals from Latvia and the UK attended a similar training period in Jyväskylä region, Central Finland. 

Below the training material for both the Finnish and Austrian training can be downloaded:

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction

Introduction of training week, Erwin Rotheneder and Franz Figl, BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH
Bioenergy in Finland, Martti Kuusinen, Tapio
Forestry in Finland, Petri Kilpinen, Forestry Centre Central Finland

Session 2: The biomass production chain

Overview on harvesting technologies and related costs, Erwin Rotheneder, BIOENERGY 2020+
Overview on conversion technologies, Franz Figl, BIOENERGY 2020+
Harvesting technologies, Matti Virkkunen, VTT
Processing applications, Martti Kuusinen, TAPIO
Wood fuel measuring, Martti Kuusinen, TAPIO
Wood fuel transportation, Martti Kuusinen, TAPIO
Sustainable Woodfuel Harvesting - Environmental and Silvicultural Aspects, Martti Kuusinen, TAPIO
Quality control, Martti Kuusinen, TAPIO
Biomass storage, Martti Kuusinen, TAPIO

Session 3: Business concepts

Investment calculation for biomass heating plants, Christa Kristöfel and Rita Ehrig, BIOENERGY 2020+
Investment calcualtion for biomass heating plants - Austrian example, BIOENERGY 2020+
Case studies of wood fuel supply businesses in Austria
Forest management and wood fuel supply – from forest to biofuel, Martin Schober, Machinery Service Austria
Planning and operation of biomass heating plants, Herbert Leichtfried, regional heating plant operator in Gresten
Forestry associations as PFO umbrella organisations for wood fuel supply, Forest management association Päijänne
Introducing Vakkalämpö co-operative and Ekowatti heating enterprise, Jyrki Raitila, (VTT)
Co-operative models, case Eno energy, Urpo Hassinen, Forestry Centre North Karelia
Contracting to create steady demand for wood, case Vapo, Jyrki Raitila, VTT
Economy of woodheat business, Jyrki Raitila, VTT
Woodfuel supply contracts, Jyrki Raitila, VTT

Session 4: Developing business ideas

Project planning and do‘s and don'ts for implementing district heating facilities, Franz Figl and Erwin Rotheneder, BIOENERGY 2020+
Input presentations from Austrian experts:
Josef Petschko, Project development company Agrar Plus GmbH/ Bioenergie NÖ GmbH
Ferdinand Köberl, Engineering company Riebenbauer GmbH

Session 5: Woodfuel projects in the target regions

Face-to-face presentations:
Approvisionnement «local» de la chaudière de Nègrepelisse (Midi-Pyrenée)
Feasibility study on Wood biomass district heating system in Bovec (Slovenia), Vito Komac, Cezsoca Agri Association
Wood fuel supply and demand situation in South Yorkshire (UK), South Yorkshire stakeholder group
Summary of working groups' results (Finland)

Other materials:

Fact Sheets on study tours in Austria, BIOENERGY 2020+
Operating figures and investment costs for district heating systems, Rita Ehrig, Christa Kristöfel, Christian Pointner, BIOENERGY 2020+
Wood biomass conversion calculator in English, Austrian Energy Agency
Wood fuel supply model contract, Erwin Rotheneder and Rita Ehrig, BIOENERGY 2020+